Melanie Milentz

Melanie Milentz

Customer Service Specialist


Multi-Market and Multi-Discipline Permitting Logistics, Project Management, New Client Onboarding

Career Story

My career in the industry began with a custom home builder in Jacksonville. I worked there for 2 years as the office manager and permit coordinator. I started at Apex as a receptionist, responsible for answering phones and plotting and packages engineering plans. Back then, Apex only employed 8 people and the office was in a double-wide (but a nice, classy one!) out at the Beach. As I started to get my bearings and gain experience, I began taking on more responsibility, managing multiple accounts and providing customer service to our production and custom builders. Today, I lead a customer service team and help the engineering leads onboard new clients.

Looking back, I never thought I would stay very long in a job like this. But I have watched Apex grow from 8 people to 80. I have ridden the real estate boom-and-bust cycle, and through all that growth and turmoil, my Apex co-workers have turned into a real family for me. Of the original 8 in 2002, 6 of them still work here, and now, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I look forward to the continued growth of the team and business, and the opportunity to continue to serve our customers.

Personal Touch

I love trying new restaurants. If there is a new spot in town, I am one of the first to try it and be an amateur critic for my friends and family. Another one of my favorite activities is reading. I majored in history and cannot get enough of presidential biographies, historical suspense books and even plain old history books. I love them!