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Matt Pena

Sr. Production Manager


9 years of experience in high-volume residential A&E design in Revit/AutoCAD

Career Story

I began my career at Apex technology in 2013 as Structural CAD designer back when we only had 1 small duplex building with about 15 in house employees consisting mostly of engineers. Nearly a decade later we have grown to nearly 85 employees and I am managing a large team of skilled designers as the Senior Production Manager for Revit.

I was lucky enough to get my foot in the door when I did, being able to work so closely with such knowledgeable engineers especially coming in with virtually no experience. It afforded me the opportunities to work with almost all programs and disciplines our company offers. And in turn it has provided me with a different perspective and understanding of the relationships and key points when coordinating and managing multiple disciplines.

I spend most days coordinating projects, training new team members, and helping reinforce standards company wide. Every day brings something new in Revit, from learning new modeling techniques, learning construction methods in order to model most accurately, or just finding a new more efficient way to do the same thing. The best part about of my job is the variety of things I am involved in as a design manager, but the most rewarding are all the relationships with the people I have made over the years. I have an opportunity to be of service to someone daily and it really feels good to know I made something easier or that I was the solution to someone’s problem.

Personal Touch

Family is what drives me—from my 3 amazing children, my mom, sisters or the fur babies. Nothing makes me happier. If I am able to sneak away for some personal time, you’ll catch me on the flag football field, working on my car/truck, or slowly planning out that next home improvement project.