Coorindated Engineering, Virtually COnstructed

About Us

Welcome to the new era of intelligent construction engineering and design.


We Engineer Value

Apex is one the nation’s leading single and multi-family construction engineering firms. Based in Jacksonville, FL and serving clients across the U.S., with emphasis in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and Southwest, we use state-of-the-art technology to help many of the country’s premiere builders, architects and component manufacturers ensure that their projects’ structural and mechanical systems work together with the building components for optimum performance, efficiency and value.

Our innovative, coordinated approach utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help minimize waste and maximize value. Working with all internal and external project partners, we look upstream and downstream to understand all the interdependent elements of the engineering design plan – everything from architectural criteria to component manufacturing constraints, budget, scheduling and more.

We then construct virtual Revit models, and using tools like Virtual Reality and 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D modeling, consider how all engineered systems and components will work together. We use this information to make the best decisions, avoiding costly and frustrating inefficiencies before they occur, optimizing engineering to increase efficiency and lower costs while maximizing performance, value and end-user satisfaction.


A BeLit Company

Apex Technology is a member of the BeLit family of companies. BeLit was founded with a vision for revolutionizing the homebuilding process—making it simpler, easier, faster, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective for everyone. Founder and CEO, Barry Dixon is a second-generation builder with deep experience in nearly every area of residential construction from design to engineering to materials to structural component manufacturing to legal, financial, IT, and more.

Each of BeLit’s services are powerful alone, and wholly transformative when used together. Upon completion of final engineering design specifications, we provide clients with PDF construction documents, deliver data reflecting the virtual construction, and even provide component manufacturing, project management, delivery and installation. Click on each logo below to learn more about the company.